Studies in Ephesians at Zwolle

Studies in Ephesians at Zwolle

Monthly Bible Study started in Zwolle.

The chaplains at Amersfoort and Utrecht – Revd Grant and Revd David – work alongside the Anglican Church of Zwolle. Zwolle Anglican Church is part of the Holy Trinity Chaplaincy (which covers All Saints, Grace Church Groningen, and of course Holy Trinity in Utrecht).

In October the congregation began its first monthly bible study.  The plan is to study the letter of Ephesians, between November and June next year. The first meeting covering an overview of Ephesians and introducing Ephesians chapter 1, was held on November. Each meeting begins with a meal for around an hour, before the study begins, ending around 9.30pm.

The programme:

November 22nd – Ephesians 1 – What God has done for believers in Jesus Christ & Thanksgiving and Prayer.

No meeting in December

January 24th – Ephesians 2 – Salvation by Grace & the Unity and Peace of Christ

February 28th – Ephesians 3 – Revelation of the Gospel Mystery & Prayer for Strength and Insight

March 28th – Ephesians 4:1-16 – Unity of the Body of Christ

No meeting in April

 May 23rd – Ephesians 4:17-6:9 – Living as Children of the Light

June 27th – Ephesians 6:10-end – Armour of God and Paul’s final greetings

Looking forward to this monthly gathering –

contact us here at All Saints, if you would like to take part in these studies.