Grant’s Christmas thought

Grant’s Christmas thought

Chaplain’s Comment.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we do so, at the end of a very troubled 2016 for Europe and further afield. As our continent continues to struggle with migration and refugees we recall this night how Christ was for a time, homeless, with his parents away from their natural abodes.

Christmas Story, by Bruce Peardon

And as communities may struggle, in some places, with accepting all who come to live or visit, we see how the Good News of Jesus comes to all sorts – the line of David, to shepherds (not trusted in some people’s eyes or unclean or dirty), to foreign star gazers. The invitation and welcome of God to all sorts, all ages and all nationalities.

And as we wonder does God really understand or really know what this world is like, we take comfort that Christ was born among us, as one of us, and grew up in a world where people became ill, were bereaved, where there was good harvests, and corrupt officials, where people laughed and cried and celebrated and grew old. The God up there became truly truly down here and as John says  “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood.” (The Message Bible). May we be encouraged, comforted and strengthened as we celebrate the birth of Christ.


Have a wonderful Christmas. Revd Grant Crowe