Tomorrow (Feb 12th)

Tomorrow (Feb 12th)

Tomorrow (12th February) – 0930 – All Saints meets once more as church community and church family.

Our service will be Holy Communion with Sunday School and creche. Our creche is for under 4s, and our Sunday School has two groups, 4-7s and 8-12 year olds. Refreshments will be served in our entrance hall after the service.

In our Sermon, we focus upon Deuteronomy 30.


Deutoronomy is the record of Moses’ farewell adresses to Israel given on  the plains of Moab on the eve of entry to the promised land. Moses reminds them of the covenant of Sinai:the history,the basic commandments,the detailed laws and the curses and blessings. Curses and blessings are an integral part of the covenant.

Moses’life is drawing to the end and he calls the nation to a new
commitment,a final appeal. He pleads,he warns,he encourages and finally he confronts them with the choice:life or death,blessing or curse.


Moses tells the Israelites – to choose life.

What is life for a Christian? Is it only eternal life? When Jesus says he came that we may have abundant life – is that only for after this life? In the Sermon on the Mount, beginning at Matthew 5, Jesus suggests that life is more than just eternal – Jesus suggests the healing of wounds among believers, of reconciliation, of forgiveness and so on, that this part of abundant life in God’s eyes, about the quality of life in a Christian community…

See you tomorrow.