All Saints News – the week of 19th February

All Saints News – the week of 19th February

All Saints Anglican Church, part of the Diocese of Europe.

All Saints seeks to be a church of Up, In, Out. At our core we have the importance of Up – Worship and Prayer, In – Deep Community and Life Long Discipleship, and OUT – (local and global) Service and Evangelism.

Notices for coming weeks.

Next Sunday – 26th February – All Age Holy Communion, with creche (no Sunday School). Service at 0930.

This Tuesday. Anglicanism Course continues with a session on ‘Anglicanism and Hymnody’. Begins at 8pm, ends at 9.30pm. If you would like refreshments do arrive a little earlier. We will watch a DVD talk on an expert on Hymns, before a discussion about what we think and feel. To be held in Holy Trinity Utrecht Parsonage (see our events calender for exact location and more information).


This Thursday –8pm – 9pm we will hold a Holy Communion service. It will be said (no music), have a short – 5 minute address – and include 15-20 of intercession for All Saints. Our primary focus will be praying for a new building, for God’s leading, bringing new issues to him as they arise, as well as praying for our city and other church plans (such as our church family away day). There will be space to pray silently or outloud.


LENT. Lent begins this year on 1st March – our Ash Wednesday service will take place at 8pm. An hour long service with an opportunity to receive the imposition of ashes, a Lenten tradition. To be held in the day chapel here at Heilige Geest Kerk.


Lent Study Group?

Starts March 9th ‘Going Deeper with Jesus’ – between now and Holy Week, during the weeks of Lent, on Thursday evenings, we will exploring more deeply who Jesus is, through Mark’s Gospel. It will begin at 8pm – arrive earlier if you would like a drink. It will be held in church in the day chapel. We will have a Bible Study on a selected passage, then some DVD input to get us thinking further on the theme, followed by further discussion, finishing with prayer. We finish at 9.30pm. The Course uses the structure and input from a discovery course called ‘Christianity Explored’ to start our thinking and guide our themes but the aim is to go as deep as we can, in our time together, in our study of Jesus mission and ministry through the words of Mark’s Gospel. In addition, from 7.30pm to 7.45pm on the same evening, there will be the opportunity to arrive earlier to pray together for a brief time for our church of All Saints. Do let Grant know if interested to help him plan for the evenings.


Sunday School.

After a meeting with the Sunday School leaders, we decided that Sunday School groups would be: the younger group would be for children in Groups 1-4 at their school, and the older Sunday School group would be for children in Groups 5-8 at their school.

Also, we are short for the number of Sunday School leaders we would like to have to run our rota.  If you would be interested in considering becoming a Sunday School leader, do speak to Edwin Mulder who is the Sunday School coordinator for All Saints.


Confirmation. Our next Confirmation Service will be held on Saturday 25th March led by Bishop Robert. At 3.30pm here at All Saints.


Charitable giving: From 12th February we made a change in our offertory. During our offertory hymn only our chaplaincy offertory will be taken. There will be no collection for charitable giving. Instead, this basket will be beside the inner doors, as you enter the sanctuary, before the Sunday service. You will be invited to place your charitable donation when you arrive or during the service or during the Peace, and then in the offertory hymn, this basket along with the chaplaincy offertory will be brought and offered to the Lord. If you’d like to know more please speak with Edwin or Patrick.


Electoral Roll. As part of the movement towards becoming an independent Anglican chaplaincy in 2019, we need to do some work on our electoral roll. In the roll it will be necessary to state which of the two churches you are engaged with – whether All Saints or Holy Trinity. Your choice does not stop you attending the other church or serving on a rota at the other church and it does not affect your giving to either church. But it does affect when we come to our annual church meeting, which church representatives you can vote for. It has been agreed that only those on the All Saints list can vote for the Council representatives from All Saints for the Council, and only those on the Holy Trinity List can vote for the Council representatives from Holy Trinity.

We will have the electoral roll with us each Sunday, please do check to confirm that you are connected to the church you would like to be. Do talk to a member of TACA for more information… To be on the electoral roll, is a way of stating this is the church you would like to be connected to, engaged with. There are blank electoral roll forms in church for you if you would like one. You need to sign up or make your corrections to the list by the end of this month.


Open Doors – a charity which helps support persecuted Christians – each month will send us resources to help pray for and support in other ways, Christians persecuted for their faith in our world. There will be resources on a table each Sunday, (after the service).


Chaplaincy Annual General Meeting with be held at Holy Trinity Utrecht, on Sunday 23rd April at 1215, (last year All Saints hosted and so we alternate each year). It will be held in the parsonage. This will be the meeting where we elect the chaplaincy wardens, formally appoint TACA as a leadership team, where the finances for the entire chaplaincy are considered. Also this is where the new chaplaincy council will be elected.

Taize Trip – for July this year, for 15-29 year olds. Some of our teenagers are going. Andre and Angela will  be the coordinators. This poster has more information…

Giving. For those who would like to give electronically to All Saints. You can do this by transferring money to bank account number NL84INGB0000132950 (t.n.v. Holy Trinity Church te Utrecht) and mark it Amersfoort or All Saints.  Can we ask – if you have not already indicated to which church your giving goes, could you please indicate through your bank, to which church you would like your offerings to go? Thank you for your giving.

Copies of the February newsletter still available at back of church.