Prayer Ministry starting

Prayer Ministry starting

Soon! Prayer Ministry on Sundays

As we shared on the February Away Day in Nijkerk, we want to establish a prayer ministry here at All Saints. From Trinity Sunday (June 11th) onwards, we’ll be offering Prayer Ministry at All Saints, on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month, (with a break in August). A Prayer Ministry team under the pastoral responsibility and oversight of Revd Grant, will be available to pray with you after the worship service.

It’s not just for people who face big problems or personal issues in their lives. It is an opportunity for all of us.

Perhaps you’ve sensed God speaking to you through the service, and you want to take time to listen more closely.

Perhaps you’re facing a challenge in the upcoming week.

Perhaps you long for healing. Prayer Ministry simply is a great opportunity to open up to God’s presence in our midst, and receive from Him.

What is Prayer Ministry?

The model we use for Prayer Ministry at All Saints, is that two people pray for a third person, in the power of the Holy Spirit. As a Prayer Team, we stand alongside people to pray with them and facilitate their connecting with God. It’s God’s work, not ours. We are not advisors or counsellors, we are there as servants to the person we pray with and servants to God as he seeks to touch lives.

The model …

  • The Prayer Team will shortly ask what it is that you want prayer for. You can share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable. What will be shared will be confidential.
  • They will stand alongside you in prayer and invite the Holy Spirit to come and minister to you. With your permission, they’ll lay on hands, following the biblical example of healing.
  •  You yourself are not supposed or expected to pray aloud, the team will pray and you simply receive from the Lord
  • Prayer ministry is about co-operating with God, following the prompting of the Spirit, and allowing Him to minister his grace and healing. Actually, not much might be said at all during a time of prayer with you.
  • As Jesus encourages us to pray in Luke 11:1-13, we can expectant of the Lord listening as we pray together for you and expectant that he seeks to work (perhaps in ways we do not expect) through his Spirit.
  • You will be affirmed in God’s love for you.

Further Practicalities.

* Prayer will be offered within the worship space of the building to allow for privacy.

* It will be offered after the worship service has finished.

* The individuals who are willing to serve in his ministry have received training in the past – as will all who offer to serve in this work.

* Those who will serve in this ministry will be commissioned on Trinity Sunday (June 11th) by Grant and the ministry teams will work under Grant’s authority.

* At present we will offer this for two Sundays a month. The vision is to grow this ministry, during the autumn, so we have prayer ministry offered after every Sunday service. To assist this, there will be a prayer ministry training day organised in September for those who are interested in serving in this manner.

Any further questions do talk to Revd Grant or Ron Westerbeek.