New Home Groups starting

New Home Groups starting


After the summer holidays, we want to launch the “All Saints Home Groups”. We’re kicking off with two or three Home Groups, but our vision is to see these groups multiplying, so all church members and regular visitors have the opportunity to be part of an All Saints Home Group.

 What is a Home Group? Basically, it is the backbone of our “Up, In, and Out”: which are the core values, the DNA we desire to have at the heart of All Saints.

  • The Home Group is where we – in addition to our corporate worship on a Sunday – seek the face of God together, and deepen our relationship with Christ through the Spirit. Each time the group meets, we meet aware and believing that we meet in God’s presence – Jesus promises that He is in our midst, when even as few as two or three, we meet in His name (Matthew 18:20). We seek openness to the Spirit, and continue to fan into flame the power and gifts we’re receiving. (UP).
  • The Home Group is also where we deepen our relationship with each other. This is where we share our lives, build each other up,  and encourage each other to live as witnesses to Jesus Christ and his Kingdom. As we share in conversation, as we listen to each other, and as we share our feelings, thoughts and feelings we can sharpen each other (Proverbs 27:17). It’s all about growing in discipleship. It is a safe space, where everyone no one is marginalised, everyone truly hears and deeply loves. Simply by listening, we give space, security, and appreciation to each other other and our “shy soul” can come be expressed. Essentially, this is also where the first line of pastoral care takes place: we care for each other, and pray for each other. (IN).
  • The Home Group is also a place where we happily invite newcomers and seekers, to simply join in and get a taste of the goodness of the living God in our midst. For some individuals, it is too great a step to come to a church building on a Sunday due to feelings about ‘a church building’, fears, (eg no knowing anyone)’, or past experiences. A small group can be a helpful stepping stone to becoming an occasional and then a regular attendee at Sunday worship. (OUT).

So, a home group is a spiritual community where we can experience God’s presence, and where we help each other to grow in following Jesus Christ. We want to be open to allow the Spirit of God do good work through each other and in each other. Home Groups meet every two weeks, and consist of 8 – 12 people (living room-size). When a group grows bigger, it splits into two groups. Each group has two Group Leaders, for coordination and pastoral care. At our Home Group meetings, we worship together, we share from the Bible, and we pray for each other’s needs. This is where we, as a charismatic and missional Anglican church, seek to grow in the life of the Spirit.

Pre Summer Pilot Group

To prepare for the launch of these Home Groups, we’re running a Pilot from May till July. Its main purpose is to “prepare and shape the culture” for the Home Groups, and to become more familiar with prayer ministry (i.e. praying with and for one another) and listening to the voice of God.

This Pilot Group will split after the Summer, during September, providing the leadership and “core” of the new Home Groups. The Pilot Group will be led by Grant and Jolanda Crowe, and Ronald and Nienke Westerbeek.

For more information or questions or encouragements, do talk to Ron or Nienke Westerbeek, or to Grant or Jolanda Crowe