Home Groups starting next month

Home Groups starting next month

Do you want to be part of an All Saints Home Group?


We are happy to announce that – after running a Pre-Summer Pilot Group from May till July – the first two All Saints Home Groups will be launched in September! One Home Group will be led by Grant and Jolanda Crowe, the other by Ron and Nienke Westerbeek. We hope to see a third (and perhaps a fourth) Home Group kick off after Christmas.

Our vision for All Saints Anglican Church is to see these Home Groups multiplying, so every one has the opportunity to be part of an All Saints Home Group.


What is a Home Group? Basically, it is the backbone of our All Saints DNA of “Up, In, and Out”:

  • The Home Group is where we – in addition to our corporate worship on a Sunday – seek the face of God together, and deepen our relationship with Christ through the Spirit. We seek openness to the Spirit, and continue to fan into flame the power and gifts we’re receiving. (UP)
  • The Home Group is also where we deepen our relationship with each other. This is where we share our lives, build each other up, and encourage each other to live as witnesses to Jesus Christ and his Kingdom. It’s all about growing in discipleship. Essentially, this is also where the first line of pastoral care takes place: we care for each other, and pray with and for each other. (IN)
  • The Home Group is also a place where we happily invite newcomers and seekers, to simply join in and get a taste of the goodness of the living God in our midst. But also we seek to be equipped as a witness where we live and work, and to seek to know, as a group, how to know what God is doing in mission in our city and to join in (OUT).


Home Groups meet every two weeks, and consist of 8 – 12 people (living room-size). When a group grows bigger, it splits into two groups. Each group has two Group Leaders, for coordination and pastoral care.

At our Home Group meetings we worship together, we share from the Bible as we seek to grow in discipleship, and we pray for each other’s needs, expecting the Spirit to minister in our midst. This is where we, as a charismatic and missional Anglican church, seek to grow in the life of the Spirit.


Interested to be part of this in September or January?

We will launch our home groups on Wednesday evening, 13th September at 8pm – location to be confirmed. We will launch two groups that night. A celebration event but also that evening we will also re-share the vision, the culture to be in the groups and do most of the elements that happen on a home group night. Then one group will begin on Tuesday 26th September, led by Grant and Jolanda, and the second group on Wednesday 27th September led by Ron and Nienke. These groups will be held in their homes. Each group will meet every two weeks from then on. A third (and perhaps fourth) Home Group will kick off in January (this might be on another week day). Are you interested to be part of these Home Groups? Please, send an e-mail to Jolanda, mentioning if you’d like to join in in September, or in January (this helps us to plan ahead). There will also be a list in church to sign up. Note that there may be  limited space in the Home Groups, so do letg us know.