Thomas Telford Music Concert, April 3rd, 2018

Thomas Telford Music Concert, April 3rd, 2018

On Tuesday evening, 3rd April, we enjoyed a special music concert led by the Thomas Telford School. They were were on a week long tour in the Netherlands and brought to Amersfoort, a 89 person strong choir and music band.

The event was possible through past links between Revd Grant and Thomas Telford. (In the 8 years, Revd Grant had worked in Telford, one of his churches, St Johns Lawley, had hosted yearly services at Harvest and Remembrance for the School, as well as he was invited into the school to discuss Church of England weddings and to lead two of their Christmas Carols and Lessons events).

St Ansfridus Church – a Roman Catholic church here in the south of Amersfoort – was the lovely venue for the evening.

It began at 8pm and consisted of two acts.

The first Act was a number of pieces by the concert band. That first act then ended with the senior choir members singing a lovely piece from the Color Purple. Then after a refreshments break, the second act was led by the choir singing a number of lovely religious and popular music pieces.

It was a special evening, enjoyed by all, and well attended, by people from a number of churches in the city and area.

We are thankful for their visit to Amersfoort. We hope they had an enjoyable few days here in the Netherlands, and we look forward to them coming again to Amersfoort in the coming years!

Here is a gallery of the evening.