Prayer Ministry at All Saints

Prayer Ministry at All Saints

Prayer ministry at All Saints.

All Saints began offering Prayer Ministry after the Sunday Morning Services from June last year (2017). Initially it was every two weeks. Then in November, the team had grown to enough members, that we have been able to offer this ministry every Sunday. We also seek to encourage some of the basic ideas of prayer ministry within our home groups.

Ninke who is one of the prayer team shares more about prayer ministry.

The course

More than three years ago my friend Danielle Los told me about the prayer ministry course she followed during the New Wine Netherlands summer conference. She was very enthusiastic and I did not really understand what it was all about. Later she arranged that some people of New Wine  came over to Holy Trinity Utrecht to give the prayer ministry course, for equipping the congregation.

Danielle invited me to the course, and I assumed that it was nothing for me, “I’m not that pastoral”. But she said that it was only praying, and there was no need to be pastoral. As a matter of fact, I could join the course just for myself. I was going through some hard times, and the idea that I would do this only for myself appealed to me.

Two years later I also attended the follow up New Wine course, held at All Saints, on ‘Listening to the voice of God’.

During the courses I had an intense feeling of excitement and expectancy. It really gave me the idea: God wants to work in this church, in this way, He’s starting something special.

The team

The prayers of others have helped me a great deal during these past three years. Things started to change in my personal and spiritual life. I am convinced that, after a time of relative indifference, these prayers caused a turn in my life and spiritually I started to grow again.

Last year I became a member of the All Saints prayer ministry team. Each Sunday after the service, people can come to two team members for a prayer. That’s “all it is”: praying for one another. The person receiving prayers, is led into the presence of God, and we pray, which can also include listening to God.

When I’m not scheduled for being part of that Sunday’s prayer ministry team, I often go to receive prayers.

And when I’m praying for other people, it feels like passing on the light of God. Just as in the song ‘Go Light Your World’ (Chris Rice).

This is how God prefers to work: in others, through others. We’re not alone!

The congregation (you!)

There are several forms of prayer. We pray in church on Sundays, we have a very special moment in unity with Christ during the Eucharist. We can also pray in private, personal prayers and as a family.

Prayer ministry in the congregation is an extra, different kind of prayer. These prayers have as a special aspect that they also help in building the community. We can stand around each other, care for one another, and share our thoughts, feelings and burdens, and bring everything before God.

Every person in church can go for prayers in times of sadness, sickness, loneliness and thanksgiving, when in need for wisdom, power, encouragement, … whatever you can think of. I’m quite sure God wants to give great gifts, through other people.

I want to invite all people to make good use of the prayer ministry team – whether here at All Saints or at Holy Trinity. Think of a reason NOT to go J, and if there isn’t any, just give it a try.

And furthermore I want you to think of attending the next ministry course, (to be announced when and where): just for yourself.

There’s no need to do something with it. First receive, it’s abundant.


Ninke van der Werk (April 2018)