Givt (app based giving)

Givt (app based giving)

Thank you to everyone who gives to All Saints, whether online or through donations in our worship services. Thank you!

We have had some members say that they no longer bring or forget to bring cash with them to services as they do so many payments by card or digitally. We wondered how we could help?

We shared on Sunday that we would like to offer an additional mechanism, way to give on a Sunday. It is called GivT.

Givt works via an app, operating through bluetooth, on your phone. How people currently give in a Sunday service, that would continue. But this would be another possible way.

Who is Givt? It was developed by a church in Zwolle. Now it is used by over 400 churches and organisations here in the Netherlands.

Their website is:

In December, we began offering Givt – an app based way to give to All Saints ( to our general giving as well as our charitable giving focus for the month).

How does it work? Here is a video explaining how it all works…

In short. To give using Givt for the first time.
1. Download the free Givt app before the service.
2. Open it before the service as it needs your email registered before it can be used for the first time.
3. In the service, make sure your bluetooth is switched on.
4. As the offertory song approaches, open the app, choose the amount you would like to give. Collection 1 is for our general church giving.
5. And hold your phone near the collection bag and the rest is sorted…And thank you for your donation…

6. If you would like to donate to our charitable giving. You repeat the process, and choose ‘Collection 2’ and then when the charitable giving basket goes by, your donation will be received.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your giving to All Saints through Givt.