Alpha: Who is the Holy Spirit

Alpha: Who is the Holy Spirit

Hi everyone

Part of the Alpha Course, are three talks on the Holy Spirit.

The first one is : Who is the Holy Spirit? At times the Holy Spirit has been misunderstood – who is he? Ignored – churches often don’t talk much about him. Or even the Spirit can be someone we are suspicious of – what will he do?

We see in this talk how the Spirit has been involved since creation. And while in the Old Testament he empowered particular people for particular tasks at particular times, in the New Testament he is to come to live within each Christian.

Watch below.

Note. The video begins with an interview. Usually the three talks on the Holy Spirit are delivered on a weekend or on a single day. People go away for that time. And there are opportunities to be prayed with, if you would like to, on that day or over the weekend. That is the setting for the opening interview, and later some other examples.