Home Group Series: Discipleship Explored.

Home Group Series: Discipleship Explored.

The word “disciple” means “follower” or “learner.”

A disciple of Jesus isn’t some kind of super-Christian. In fact, Jesus assumes that all of his followers are disciples.

Over the next eight sessions, we’ll be exploring a letter written
to some of the earliest Christian disciples by one of the earliest
Christian leaders: Paul. He was in chains at the time, guarded
day and night by a Roman soldier – and yet, as he keeps telling
them, he’s overflowing with joy.

We’re about to discover why.

The below short video introduces the series.

Every two weeks in our All Saints Home Groups.

Run online via Zoom.

A gathering, a teaching video, a discussion & bible study, ending prayer together.

Starts 7.30pm each evening.

Talk to Andrew, Marianne, Beatrijs, Jolanda, Ninke or Grant to know more.