Confident in Christ: Philippians 1:1-11

Confident in Christ: Philippians 1:1-11

In April, we begin our new home group season. We also restart our home groups, in this coronavirus pandemic.

We follow an eight part series across Philippians.

The first session is focused on Philippians 1:1-11: Confident in Christ.

Just three questions (or six questions?!) to pause and consider as you listen to the video and read the passage:

  1. Can we have confidence as Christians? And yet in the midst of daily life, why is verse 6, sometimes hard to believe?
  2. What should our response be, when we read how Paul viewed the Philippian believers in 1:1-11? What attitude might we take as we look at other believers?
  3. How might we pray the type of prayers Paul prays 1:9-11? What are the hindrances in us, in our church, that get in the way of us having such a focus in prayer?

Enjoy the teaching. Please feel free to share this video material. Discipleship Explored has made these videos available free until the end of June 2020.