Living in Christ: Phil 1: 12-26

Living in Christ: Phil 1: 12-26

So last month, we began our new home group season.

We follow an eight part series across Philippians, called Discipleship Explored.

Up until the end of June, the entire teaching series can be found at this youtube channel – for free until June 30th…

The second session is focused on Philippians 1:12-26: Living in Christ

A few possible questions to pause and consider as you listen to the video and read the passage.

Paul’s greatest ambition was for the gospel to spread. What is your greatest ambition?

What attitudes are on display in Phil 1:12–18 that we might embrace during times of distress? What stops us from such attitudes? From what the apostle Paul says here, what viewpoint(s) can help us during those times of difficulty?

What should be our attitude towards other who are proclaiming the kingship of the Messiah seemingly out of bad motives? What actions should we display if we have such an attitude towards these proclaimers of the good news? What makes this difficult?

In Phil 1:20–24 Paul seems to have come to terms with his own death. What posture does he take towards the possibility of being executed and how does his example help us in our own lives?

How would your friends or collagues finish this sentence: ”For me to live is ….. ”?

What about you, how would you finish that same above sentence?

Enjoy the video and teaching…