Obedient in Christ: Phil 2:12-30

Obedient in Christ: Phil 2:12-30

Obedient in Christ. Session 4 of the Discipleship Explored Course.

We explore Phil 2:12-30

Questions to consider as you listen to the teaching video and read the passage…

a) In what ways are you aware of God transforming you or other Christians you know?

b) What do we learn about Timothy and his priorities?

c) Timothy and Epaphroditus showed their genuine care for fellow believers. In what practical ways, can we also do this?

d) How does being with other Christians encourage you in your faith?

e) Salvation in Christ brings with it responsibilities? What are these?

To read the passage: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Philippians+2%3A12-30&version=NIV