Talking Jesus, Session 3, (Living Distinctly)

Talking Jesus, Session 3, (Living Distinctly)

Session 3: Living Distinctly.

The Opening ‘to get you thinking’ video. This video is called: ‘A big heart.”

Are we always in a hurry – even if it is for good reasons? Perhaps pre-occupied with what we are doing, going to…

Can we miss what is going on around us? What if we slowed down and made time? Could we – with more time – be open to show compassion, love in action, like the Good Samaritan?

The main teaching video. Jesus in Matthew 5:13-16 talks about being salt and light. Living distinctive lives. Salt out of the saltshaker; light from under the bowl.

It shares about being a Christian witness as we use social media.

Do we ever share any Christian material or any posts connected to our faith?

At the end of the video, it reminds us of a theme in sessions 1 & 2. The importance of prayer. To choose 5 people – who do not believe – but whom we are in contact with (personally – whether via social media or physically you meet and see each other); 5 people whom you are willing to engage with about faith; to ask God for opportunities to share your faith appropriately, gently, wisely.

Who are the five you can commit to pray for?

Teaching video 3.