Talking Jesus, Session 6, (Go on Talking Jesus).

Talking Jesus, Session 6, (Go on Talking Jesus).

Session 6 – Go on Talking Jesus.

‘Of course this course is just the beginning. We’ve a lifetime of opportunities ahead. Let’s not forget:

The power of a personal invitation

The Bible and Prayer

Don’t give up.

Be intentional about setting targets in prayer.

Let the Holy Spirit do the work

And persevere in prayer and loving action.

Bible Passage is Colossians 4:2-4. Paul asks them to pray for God to open doors – remember Paul was in prison when he wrote those words. So not only in a difficult place seeking to share faith but also in a situation he may have wondered, how and with whom could he share faith…He prays also that when he speaks, he will do it clearly. Paul for all his learning and experience knew he needed God’s help to keep it clear for each person to understand. And Paul asks the Church to pray for him – how we ask Christians can support each other in our faith sharing, praying not just for ourselves in this mission of God, but for each other. It is a team effort you could say.

Opening Video –

God is the rescuer. He makes his appeal through us, but he is the one who rescues. Our role – to pray and speak up when God gives opportunities to talk about his story and its effect in our lives.

Teaching Video:

Michael Harvey preached at All Saints on Sunday 15th November. His sermon you can find in our archive. In this video, he invites us to ask if God is inviting us to invite someone to church, an Alpha or some other Christian activity.

The video makes us ask – how can our church be more inviting, more welcoming? We also hear about the power of the Bible, and how Christian love can be shown in practical clear action. And we are reminded, again, for the need to build our faith sharing upon an attitude, and a foundation of intercession.

‘Challenge. You are key to making Jesus known. You have a unique set of friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours who need you to talk Jesus. Pray. Trust the Bible. Follow the prompts of the Holy Spirit and have a go!’