Sacred Pathways (Growing in Prayer) materials

Sacred Pathways (Growing in Prayer) materials

Growing in Prayer: Sacred Pathways Material.

There are ways we find, that help us more easily to connect with God, to pray to him, to draw near. We, of course,  can meet with God in all situations, but deep down, we know there are some settings or approaches that make it easier for us to meet with our Heavenly Father.  For some, it is through silence, others through creation, for others it is through traditional forms of worship, others it is through celebration and music and so on. John Harris has created three interactive teaching videos on Youtube for us, which explores these ideas. These are resources is to help each of us grow in prayer. It uses and follows some of the ideas in the book ‘Sacred Pathways’ by Gary Thomas, a book briefly used by our Home Groups a couple of years ago. 

At times, we find we may have become stale in our prayer life. If we find ourselves in such a situation, these three teaching videos may be a help. Or in these Corona days, we have found, the restrictions, the impact on worship, has meant we need to find new patterns, new approaches to help nourish us. Again these videos may give you ideas…

Why not set aside time this Holy Week, or in weeks between Easter  and Pentecost to have a look at the teaching?

The Link for the Videos – click the links. The resources for each session are at the bottom of this page – after the videos.

Resources for the Series:

Sacred Pathways Booklet:

Session 1 Sacred Pathways notes

Session 1 Powerpoint:

Session 2 Sacred Pathways notes

Sacred Pathways Questionnaire

Session 3 Sacred Pathways notes