Albania – Illyricum Movement

Albania – Illyricum Movement

Illyricum Movement is a Church Planting Network in Albania.

Edi Demo is the leader and founder of Illyricum Church Planting Network in Tirana, Albania.

Peter teaching in Ekklesia Church (one of the three existing church plants), Sept 2017.
Edi, Grant, with staff at a Christian radio station on the edge of Tirana, (September 2016).
Edi Demo, with Grant, Andrew and Bert, on Edi’s visit to Amersfoort in summer 2016.

The movement takes its  name from Paul’s reference to it in Romans 15:v19. Illyricum was a Roman Province that extended at least as far as Slovenia and so, included, modern day Albania.

They have currently planted 3 churches. Their aim is not to establish a denomination but for each church plant to become a self sustaining self governing church which will also be self multiplying in time.



All these churches are in the capital Tirana, in different districts of different economic status.

Edi visited All Saints in February 2017, and his sermon introducing his work can be found in our sermon archive.

Peter Gillies and Grant returned to Tirana, in September 2017. Peter taught for two evenings on ‘Christian Ethics’ and ‘Evidence for the Resurrection’. He also was interviewed for a Christian TV and Radio Station in Tirana. Peter and Grant met with different members of the congregations. And on the Sunday, Grant preached on the theme of ‘Forgiveness among Christian’.

Grant and Peter, at the ‘Ekklesia’ church plant, with Albanian church members, (Sept 2017).

Edi visited the Netherlands in March 2018, with his family – his wife Bona, and his sons Noel and Sion. Edi shared in a Sunday morning service about the work at this time. It was a delight to have him join us for that Sunday, and afterwards a BBQ was hosted where he spent time with some church members.

Edi Demo sharing in All Saints on Sunday 4th March.

On April 14th 2018 they are holding a day of prayer for the ministry in Tirana. Here is the link which gives more information how to pray that day but also how to pray in the coming months for the work…

Prayer Day for Albania, Saturday 14th April


Here are two further links which shares more about their important work for the Lord.

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Below are photos from the visit in September 2017 by Grant and Peter.


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