Online Alpha

Online Alpha

Hi! Welcome to our Alpha Online Course.

Our course began on May 5th.

Our second session this evening – May 12th – is ‘Who is Jesus?’ Here is the link to the video teaching, we will watch in our Alpha session.

In case you wonder… So why join Alpha and what is it all about?

You could say, it is a place to ask questions? Why pray. Why read the Bible? Who was Jesus? Does God heal today? And so on…A place to explore things spiritual.

You could say, it is about exploring, what it means to grow closer to Jesus, our lives more shaped by his, following more closely in his footsteps, living the life, he invites and calls us to…

Alpha is about talking, sharing, and listening to a talk about some of the big questions. And then having a chance to talk and share and learn with each other.

This is all through food, a talk, and honest warm discussion. Normally. But due to the Corona Virus pandemic, we cannot meet. We will run the entire course online via a program called Zoom. We gather for fellowship at the start of the evening, we then watch the video talk together, and then go into small groups for good honest sharing.

Every Tuesday evening, 7.30pm – 9pm, until mid July. Ran online, live, via Zoom.

To know more about exactly what happens at an Alpha Course evening? Why not watch this video?

To know more, download our information pages.