Hi! Welcome to our Alpha Course.

We are intending to run our Alpha course in Spring 2021.

We had intended to run it in January, but we have decided to postpone. The new dates will appear here soon…

In case you wonder… So why join Alpha and what is it all about?

You could say, it is a place to ask questions? Why pray. Why read the Bible? Who was Jesus? Does God heal today? And so on…A place to ask and talk about faith, and what Christianity is about. A place to be honest and to ask the hard questions.

You could say, it is about exploring, what it means to grow closer to Jesus, our lives more shaped by his, following more closely in his footsteps, living the life, he invites and calls us to…

We will hold it weekly, on an evening, 7.30pm – 9pm.

You do not need to sign up for the entire length. You can register to join for the first one, and try it and then decide, whether to come for the next one, or for a few more or for the rest…

Interested? We will have more information how to sign up soon.

More about Alpha? Why not watch this video?