HI! Welcome to our YETI page.

YETI is our bi-weekly youth programme that is focused on discipleship and fellowship and aimed at our children and young people between the ages 8-18.

Now, you are probably wondering what YETI stands for:
Youth Equipping Transforming Instructing

Our Vision for YETI
We want to grow disciples. We want to help our children and young people not only to discover Jesus and enter into a personal relationship with him; but also to be equipped to navigate the many ethical and lifestyle challenges they now face. We want them to know what they believe and why, to be able to integrate and live that out in their daily lives, with their peers in the areas of life they move into  and to discover and engage in the mission of Jesus.

Having a continuous programme that offers place of fellowship as well as teaching and laying a foundation for their own personal walk with Jesus.

During each session children will be taught different aspects of our Christian faith and encouraged to share their experiences, thoughts, prayers and questions within a place of friendship.

Each session will take about 60 minutes on Sunday afternoons from 5-6 pm, followed by a shared meal with other members of our congregation.

Our children and young people are divided into several small groups according to the various ages.

8/9 year olds
10/11 year olds
12/13 year olds
14/15 year olds

If you would like to know more about YETI, please feel free to contact us.