Church Rota

Church Rota

At All Saints, we believe everyone has a SHAPE –

S (Spiritual Gifts), H (Heart – Passions), A (Abilities, taught or natural), P (Personality) , and E (Experience gained through life).

And at All Saints we want to give people opportunities, and enable them to use their SHAPE in the life, ministry and mission of our Anglican church.

We have an amazing group of people who serve in our different ministries within our church. Would you like to be involved? Speak to a member of the TACA leadership team…

Here is the current rota, to view and to download…

To download the latest rota…

Rota May-June 2019

Rota March-April 2019

Rota September-October

Rota July-August

Amersfoort Rota May-June (PDF download)

Rota March – April (PDF download)

All Saints January – February 2018 rota (PDF download)

November / December rota (PDF download)

September – October rota (pdf download)

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