Diocese of Europe News

Diocese of Europe News

All Saints is part of the chaplaincy of Utrecht. We are one of four congregations – Holy Trinity Utrecht, Grace Church Groningen, Anglican Church in Zwolle, and ourselves.

Utrecht chaplaincy is part of one bigger network and family. We are part of the Diocese of Europe. The Diocese of Europe is part of the Church of England. And our Diocese is the largest Diocese in the Church of England. In fact our Diocese covers one sixth of the Earth’s landmass – having congregations from Iceland, to Mongolia, to Morocco and across much of Europe!

To learn more here : Where is the Diocese of Europe?

There are regularly activities or initiatives which are run across the Diocese, or key statements from the Bishops. These we want to share with our members…

We will post information here, with the relevant links.

Diocese of Europe Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2018 (Refugees in Calais)


Bishop’s Advent Appeal (2017) (Refugees in Rome)


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