All Saints becoming a separate chaplaincy
  • Heiligenbergerweg 144, 3816 AN Amersfoort

  • Nieuwe Erven

All Saints becoming a separate chaplaincy

Special Service. Sunday 2nd June. 4pm. This is the Ascension Weekend.

All Saints, on that Sunday, will be formally constituted as an independent self standing Anglican chaplaincy within the Diocese of Europe, within the Church of England.

At the moment All Saints is part of the Chaplaincy of Utrecht. But the intention, from when the vision for the All Saints congregation was discerned, was that All Saints would become self standing, self governing, self sustaining – an independent chaplaincy within the Diocese – in 2019. The date for this service is on Sunday 2nd June, led by our Archdeacon Paul Vrolijk.

It will be a Holy Communion Service. A day celebrating the place to which God has brought us, from a vision being shared in Utrecht, in early 2015 to establish a new congregation, to this day, when a new chaplaincy will be formally constituted.

On this day we will also elect our first churchwardens and first Church Council. This will happen during an Church General Meeting at 2pm. 

The service and the AGM will be held here at the Nieuwe Erven, with a BBQ afterwards.

Clergy and Readers attending are invited to robe. White Stole will be the liturgical colour.