Annual Church Meeting
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Annual Church Meeting

All Saints Anglican Church Annual Church Meeting.
Part of being a wider chaplaincy of 4 churches, we have our own local annual church meeting, before the main AGM held in Utrecht during April.
Dear all,
This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Holy Trinity Chaplaincy Utrecht will be held on Sunday 23rd April after the 10:30 Service.
Special significance at the AGM will be given to the roadmap for establishing Utrecht and Amersfoort as two independent Anglican churches. In order two prepare locally for our AGM we will hold Local Annual Meetings in both Utrecht and Amersfoort.
The Local Annual Meeting in Amersfoort will be held on Sunday 19th March after the 09:30 Service and during the Big Brunch at Heilige Geest Kerk Amersfoort. It will start at 1115.
At the annual local meetings we will discuss the roadmap towards two independent Anglican churches in Utrecht and Amersfoort which works to a target date of spring 2019. We will also prepare for the AGM by appointing or electing local candidates for the leadership team, churchwarden, the archdeaconry synod and the members of church council.
At the AGM on 23rd April we will discuss and vote on the roadmap. If the AGM is in agreement then we will appoint all officers as proposed by the local meetings.
On the agenda of the AGM will also be:
         reports covering the previous twelve months
         the changes in the electoral role
         the reports and accounts over the past year and the budget for the current year for approval
         appointment of stewards (sides-persons),
         various other topics raised by the meeting.
If your name is on the electoral roll and we have your email-address, you will receive the agenda, reports and proposals by email beforehand. Everyone is allowed to attend the meeting, but if you want to be able to vote, your name needs to have been registered on the electoral roll.
Also on behalf of the Churchwarden  

Kind regards
Adrian Los
Secretary to the council (acting)