Baptism Service March 3rd
  • Willem van Mechelenstraat 8

Baptism Service March 3rd

0930 we will baptise Abel, Carolien and Demian through immersion baptism. Immersion baptism was a practice very common in the early church and we can see its evidence in the Book of Acts. We will use our church garden to baptise them.

In the same service we will devote and dedicate our new building to God in a liturgy of consecration. Romans 12:1-2 says we are to offer to God our lives – basically what we have and are – to God. We offer to God this new home which he has given us.

This special, unique service, will be led by Bishop Norman Banks.

It will be live streamed via our normal Youtube Account.

It will not be a Communion Service, please note.

Also, it will not be an All Age service – there will be Sunday School and organised creche. However the children will return for the baptismal liturgy.

Practical note – please do not park your bikes in the church garden this coming Sunday – as we will need the space for the baptism. We suggest you park your bikes at the school on Vermeer straat and then walk the 100 m down to WvM.