Music Concert
  • Jacob Catslaan 28, 3818 WK Amersfoort

  • St Ansfridus Kerk

Music Concert

All Saints is very happy to welcome a concert band and choir from the High School of Thomas Telford from Telford Shropshire England.

They are on a tour in the Netherlands and, in April, will play on a Tuesday evening here in Amersfoort.

All Saints is organising this event and has arranged the use of St Ansfridus Church in the south of Amersfoort.

St Ansfridus Kerk in Amersfoort

Tuesday 3rd April, 8pm start. The evening is in two parts: 45 minute programme; a 15 minute break; 45 minute second programme.

They will bring a choir of up to 60 members and a band of around 35 members.

The Programme will include:

The Choir will be singing pieces such as

Goodall’s ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’

Mozart’s ‘Ave Verum’

Rutter’s ‘the Lord bless you and keep you’,

Karl Jenkins ‘Adiemus’

and some Ed Sheeran and Toto for good measure!

The Concert band will be playing music from

Mamma Mia, Jurassic Park,

Les Miserables and a lovely piece called ‘And The Angels Called’.

It will be a special event and you are warmly invited to attend.

Thomas Telford Concert poster