Holy Communion and Prayer
  • Mozartweg 54

  • Heilige Geest Kerk

Holy Communion and Prayer

At All Saints we seek to be a church of Up, In, and Out. Up meaning worship and prayer as individuals and as a community.

Thursday evenings is one way we can gather to pray for our church of All Saints, for our local area, for our city of Amersfoort, and for our overseas connections and supporters.

Between now and the school vacation we will meet in the day chapel at Heilige Geest Kerk. It will be a Communion service, with a brief message (only a few minutes), with a significant amount of time allocated to intercession.

We enter into the Lord’s presence. By taking bread and wine at the end of our service it reminds us that our prayers are heard because of the cross of Christ, not because of our own own merits or personal holiness. It reminds us that our God is for us, and enjoys our intercessions being brought to him.