Maundy Thursday Holy Communion
  • Willem van Mechelenstraat 8 Amersfoort

Maundy Thursday Holy Communion

Dear Reader.

Maundy Thursday Holy Communion.

Our Service begins at 8pm.

It is Holy Week.

Traditionally on this evening, we reflect on those events and words from the night before Jesus died, as he had a meal with his followers… a meal called the Last Supper which Christians regularly now celebrate as communion.

A typical service? It is held in the English Language and follows Anglican liturgy. The closing part of the service has a significant amount of silence as we remove many items from the worship space, recalling how Jesus, had all taken from him as he sacrificed his life for us…

Our preacher will be Revd Peter Kruyt (the pastor of the Baptist Church in Amersfoort). Last year he welcomed us to their church building.  To this service, at our new home. the Baptist Church members have been invited.