Men’s Group
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Men’s Group

December 2nd –  Men’s Group6pm – home of Peter and Petra Gillies in Nijkerk.

Our theme for this year has been ‘Crossfit’, and there were planned 4 meetings. Each meeting would explore one of our church core values. In previous meetings we have considered our church core values of Up, and In, but now we consider OUT.

This year, we have been thinking as a Men’s Group about our core values as a Christian Community – Up, In, and Out. Our final meeting this year, we are thinking about AROUND – how do we integrate these values, create a blend, so we are not out of balance, emphasising one over others.

Begins with food, (you don’t need your evening meal beforehand, you’ll be well fed here!).

Then we move into a time of input with plenty of time for discussion and questions.

All welcome whether you’ve been before or this will be your first time.

Book yourself in for 2nd December

To learn more about this year’s vision for our Men’s Group…

Introduction to the CrossFit series (pdf download)