Men’s Group – E (Experience)
  • Scheg 1, 3863 VD Nijkerk

  • Home of Peter and Petra Gillies

Men’s Group – E (Experience)

Our Final Men’s Group of 2018!

Saturday 8th December, from 6pm to 9.30pm, at the home of Peter and Petra Gillies in Nijkerk.

In 2018, in the Men’s Group , we have been exploring the theme of SHAPE – Spiritual gifts, Heart (passions which drive you), Abilities (taught or natural), Personality and Experience.

Peter writes…


December 8 is our last Men’s Evening for 2018.  It will be held again in Nijkerk but with the addition of some people from the Hert Beer facility in Putten.  So, we are getting a beer tasting from one of the new beer brands in the Netherlands.  I am a ‘certifcaathouder’, which means I ‘own’ a small portion of the business… so, be gentle in your evaluations!! J

  • The theme is the “E” of SHAPE – Experiences: Thinking about – and perhaps sharing – how your experiences have affected your life and how they have been (or could be) put to use for our Lord.  I will use a meeting technique to ensure our Men’s Evening doesn’t turn into a kippenhok.

Costs are: €15 pp “All-in” that’s the proeferij and a couple of beers after that and, naturally, the BBQ starting at 18:00 – it’s a classy joint

Address is: Scheg 1, 3863 VD, Nijkerk

Time: 18.00 – 21:30

I need for you to RSVP (that means email me back / contact me to confirm you will be there) – we are limited to 15 persons and I already have 3 who have confirmed they will be there.  I’m no good at math, but I think that leaves about 12 spaces.  So let me know a.s.a.p.


Revd James Lawrence writes on Experience…

”Everything we experience, positive or negative, shapes who we are. Reflecting on our experiences and how we’ve responded to them give insight into who we are. Aldous Huxley wrote: ‘ Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you.’ Rick Warren suggests, ‘The very experiences  that you have resented or regretted most in your life – the ones you’ve wanted to hide or forget – are the experiences God wants to use to help others.’ This is hard for those who’ve experienced tragedy, brutality, or abuse; yet out the negative experiences in life, God is able to bring his redemptive purposes.

”I confess, my life has been pretty easy so far – apart from the two years as a teenager where I wasn’t able to walk, following an accident at school. Those two years shaped me; I still see their influence on my life today.”

(James Lawrence, Growing Leaders: Reflections on leadership, life and Jesus, Bible Reading Fellowship, 2004, p.105).


All welcome – if you have been before or if this would be your first men’s group – but you need to sign up for this one, as numbers are limited!


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