Men’s Group – P (Personality)!
  • Scheg 1, 3863 VD Nijkerk

  • Home of Peter and Petra Gillies

Men’s Group – P (Personality)!

Saturday 13th October, from 6pm to 10pm, at the home of Peter and Petra Gillies in Nijkerk. Begins with a BBQ and socialising. Then 7pm onwards we get into a meaty discussion.

This coming year, we will be exploring the theme of SHAPE – Spiritual gifts, Heart (passions which drive you), Abilities (taught or natural), Personality and Experience (what life has taught you and what you have seen and done).

This meeting – we focus on Personality.

Revd James Lawrence writes on Personality…

” There are many tools available for gaining insight into our personality type. …  Such tools can help us learn about how we are ‘wired’, as long as we don’t allow them to become prescriptive rather than descriptive. Excusing behaviour on the basis: ‘I cannot help myself, I am an XYZ or an ABC’ is unacceptable. But knowing that I am an extrovert does help me understand why I enjoy certain things and not others. It helps me to identify the sort of working in environment that I will thrive in, and others that will stifle me. Rather than trying to be someone I am not, I can positively express who I am, how God has made me.”

(James Lawrence, Growing Leaders: Reflections on leadership, life and Jesus, Bible Reading Fellowship, 2004, p.105).


All welcome – if you have been before or if this would be your first men’s group.

Have a word with Peter and find out what it is like!

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