Men’s Group
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Men’s Group

Peter Gillies coordinates our Men’s Group.

These get-togethers start around 18:00 with a drink and then an opening prayer at 18:30. After that we engage with our topic in the form of a participative debate. Somewhere in the evening we have dinner and come back together for a wrap-up and a parting prayer around 10:00 or 10:30… at which time most of us hang around and continue the discussion!

For 2017 we are using the idea of ‘CrossFit’.

What is CrossFit? It is a play on the CrossFit fitness craze: a high-intensity fitness programme incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise. We will not be doing anything but mental and spiritual exercises, although you are invited to come to the sessions on your bicycle!

The “red thread” of our particular brand of CrossFit will be two-fold:
1) To have fellowship between Christian men of all ages.
2) To explore the core values of Up, In, & Out
3) To become “fit” for the world we live in and to fulfill the Lord’s expectations

Our first session will be on Up.

“Up” Evening – Up toward God; developing intimacy with Him – 1st April 2017 (Spring)
• Where: Scheg 1, Nijkerk – RSVP
• Time: 18:00 – BBQ; ending around 22:30
• Subject: The development and expression of “Up” in the Bible and how we can best do “Up” today

Looking forward to see you all on 1 April – please let me know if you can make it so we can fully stock the BBQ!