In Person and Online Sunday Worship

In Person and Online Sunday Worship

We are offering both worship in person as well as online worship at this time.

Our Physical / in Person Worship

We are glad to be offering Sunday worship in person again. It would be great to welcome you, in person, to worship at All Saints.

All Saints currently keeps 1.5m spacing within its seating;

it strongly encourages people to wear mouth masks when they arrive, leave and move about. However, when seated, masks can be removed.

Singing is held at a normal singing volume.

We have children’s (4-11 years old) work and creche (0-4) running as normal.

However, we ask you to pre-register, due to limited numbers within our building. Please contact us at

Our Online Worship

This will be a full Service of Morning Prayer. It will contain songs, intercessions, scripture, Anglican liturgy and a sermon. The worship lasts approximately an hour. This will be made available on each Sunday morning from 0030 onwards. The service will be viewable on Youtube. The liturgy used will be available on the ‘Online Sunday Worship’ page on this website, so you can pray and worship together. The service is pre-recorded and so available not only on Sundays.

The relevant links are below:

Link to the youtube channel (to subscribe).

Please go to this page on our website for the latest link and liturgy so you can join in!