Online Sunday Worship

Online Sunday Worship

So All Saints cancelled its Sunday worship on 15th March. It will be cancelled for the foreseeable future until the Government changes its rules on large gatherings. However. It should be added, that this week (week of March 16th), the Archbishops of the Church of England, asked that public worship in all its churches would be suspended – which includes across our Diocese of Europe. So in a strange way, we are united (!) with Christian believers across the Netherlands, and Anglican worshippers in England and across Europe, with this same experience of not meeting physically publically on a Sunday.

We will be offering an online act of worship. At present this will be pre-recorded. It will be a full Service of Morning Prayer. It will contain songs, intercessions, scripture, Anglican liturgy and a sermon. The worship lasts approximately an hour. This will be made available on each Sunday morning from 0900 onwards. The service will be viewable on Youtube. The liturgy used will be available on this page so you can pray and worship together.

We invite people to join us at 0930 in worship. So even though not together, we are ‘worshipping together’. But as it is recorded, it is possible to view and join in the worship at other times in the day or the week.

The relevant links are below:

Link to the youtube channel (to subscribe).

Please go to this page on our website for the latest link and liturgy so you can join in!