Persecuted Christians Day
  • Beatrixgebouw, Jaarbeursplein 1, 3521 AL Utrecht

  • Jaarbeurs Conference Centre

Persecuted Christians Day

Persecuted Believers Day – by Open Doors Netherlands, November 4th, in Utrecht.

More people have a heart for praying for persecuted members of our Christian family.

The Christian Charity Open Doors  – originally founded by Brother Andrew here in the Netherlands – its UK website has a monthly prayer diary which can be downloaded to provide information on countries and individuals to pray for.

Monthly prayer news for persecuted believers

But also, on Saturday 4th November, Open Doors Netherlands will hold a day at the Jaarbeurs Centre in Utrecht (beside the Utrecht Centraal Station), to share more about the persecuted Christian world and how we can practically and prayerfully stand by them.

There is children’s work – for between 4-12 years old – provided in the morning and afternoon. There is a well equipped book table. There are coffee facilities.  Bring their own lunch. And there is translation headsets for those who prefer English.

It is a moving, inspiring day which is well worth attending. We listen to those who work and support persecuted believers, but also hear from persecuted Christians themselves. There is sung worship, biblical teaching, as well as information about the work of Open Doors.

All Saints will be going with a group.

For more information visit this link:

Open Doors Netherlands Annual Day Information (in Dutch)