Remembrance Sunday
  • Heiligenbergerweg 144, 3816 AN Amersfoort

  • Kosmik (main entrance on Vivaldistraat)

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday

On Sunday 13th November is our Remembrance Sunday Service. Held at 0930. It is a Service of  Holy Communion with Sunday and creche provided.

Remembrance Sunday is part of the Church of England and Anglican Church Calendar, to remember those who died in military service to bring freedom and stability. Different Countries have different days – here in the Netherlands it is of course on May 4th. But the Anglican Church follows the Sunday closest to 11th November, remembering particularly those died in World War One and World War Two but those in subsequent wars and involvements as recently as Afghanistan and Iraq.

This service, as in each Remembrance Sunday, will include an Act of Remembrance which includes the two minute silence.

 Our charitable giving in that service – which includes our donations towards poppies – will go toward the work of the British charity, the Royal British Legion.

Please do remember to park at the Stadsboerderij De Vosheuvel- slightly further along the Heiligenbergerweg, across from the Nieuwe Erven.