Sunday Worship
  • Heiligenbergerweg 144, 3816 AN Amersfoort

  • Kosmik

Sunday Worship

Worship in Person

We are meeting in person at Kosmik, our home here in Amersfoort.

You are very welcome to join us in our worship, whether you often go to church, perhaps have not been for a long time, whether you would see yourself as Anglican, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, all are welcome at All Saints.

All our worship services are held in English.

Our services at held at 0930. Each week we celebrate Holy Communion – except for the fifth Sunday of each month.

You would be very welcome to join us in our worship.

Our Online Worship

We now live stream our Sunday morning worship. Until the end of November we had pre-recorded our Sunday services. But now we have moved to a live stream.

Our Live stream begins at 0930.

Very soon after the service ends, the entire service will be available to watch from the beginning.

The relevant links are below:

Link to the youtube channel (to subscribe).

Please go to this page on our website for the latest link and liturgy so you can join in!