Teaching Day – Drawing near to God – Sacred Pathways
  • Heiligenbergerweg 144, 3816 AN Amersfoort

  • Nieuwe Erven

Teaching Day – Drawing near to God – Sacred Pathways

‘Drawing Near to God’

 A Teaching Day to Transform, Train, Equip :

Throughout the coming 12 months, we will organise 6 teaching days – which focus upon one of our core values of Up, In, Out.

Our first one, in early October was on ‘How to read the Bible for all its worth

‘Drawing Near to God’ is our second.

From 9.30am to 2pm, on Saturday 8th December. The day will be led by Revd Grant. It will be held here at Nieuwe Erven.

The theme is about how we draw close to God, through prayer and worship. We will be using materials called ‘Sacred Pathways’ written by Gary Thomas, which people in our home groups found helpful, when we used his material earlier this year.

Cover of ‘Sacred Pathways’, by Gary Thomas

It suggests for many of us we have preferences or means that help us draw near to God in worship or prayer. For some of us it is one or more of …

– creation,

– the senses (the importance of sight, smell, sound)

– ritual and tradition

– solitude and simplicity

– activism (drawing near through doing ‘stuff for God’)

– showing love and care

– through celebration

– contemplation and adoration


– intellectual – loving God through our mind

These ways we will look at, and consider what resonates with us, how we learn from each other, but also to consider how these ways can help us close to our Heavenly Father.

The day is free. Bring a bible and a notepad. There will be tea and coffee but please bring your lunch.

We meet from 0930, finishing by 1400. We meet in the building at the Nieuwe Erven called ‘the Kwekerij’.

Come along!

Our next Teaching Day will be on Saturday 2nd February 2019.