Teaching Day
  • Heiligenbergerweg 144, 3816 AN Amersfoort

  • Nieuwe Erven

Teaching Day

Saturday 2nd February – ‘Becoming a Deep Church Community’; (this focuses upon IN).

Our third teaching day will be on Saturday 2nd February 2019.

Across the day, we explore how God calls us to be a Christian community. Jesus chose to teach, invest and shape a small group of disciples – a community – with whom he shared life for 3 years. He did not raise up a single leader, a new Moses or an Elijah. He raised up a community of disciples. What does God desire for us, in our relationships with other Christians (whether part of All Saints or another community)? How can we build true community? How does God use community to shape us, to build us into being more Christ-like?

All welcome.

We begin at 0930. We finish for 1400. Coffee and tea will be served but please bring your own lunch. Please bring a notepad for your own thoughts.