TTE (Teach, Transform, Equip), Tuesday 18th April

TTE (Teach, Transform, Equip), Tuesday 18th April

Tuesday 18th April – TTE – ‘Our Quiet Time’

Each TTE we can hold up to 20 people. However as food is being prepared, we ask that you let Annemieke or Harry know if you plan to attend (as they prepare the meal) and please let them know if you have any dietary needs.

A typical evening : starts at 6.30pm.

Meal together, 6.30pm start (food will be ready for that time).

A talk.

Chance to chat, discuss, respond etc.

A second talk.

Second time of discussion etc, ending in prayer together.

End at 9.30pm (or people can leave at that time, if there is still conversation going on).


We will hold this at the home of Harry and Annemieke Mulder.  

To ask more, talk to Grant, Harry or Annemieke.  Hope to see you there!

Next One – Tuesday 30th May – ‘Knowing God’.