Giving to All Saints

Giving to All Saints

Supporting All Saints financially & ANBI

All Saints Amersfoort worship services and activities are made possible by members and ministers offering their time, talents and treasure.  To do what we do for Christ and the community, and to build up our church to serve Amersfoort better, funding is needed.  So we are grateful for your financial support!

As God has blessed us, so we thank Him by giving accordingly.

Thank you for all that you have given to All Saints.

Bank Account details

We have three bank accounts –

one for general giving to All Saints,

one for charitable giving.

one for our church renovation fund.

The account for charitable giving, we use only to support a number of local, national and international charities / causes through the year.

Donations can be made by bank transfer to these accounts:

The full details (bank account numbers and account names) are:

ING Bank Accounts:

Tithes, gifts and donations to the All Saints GENERAL Fund:

NL76 INGB 0007 9234 55 in the name of All Saints Anglican Church Amersfoort.

or you can use this QR for General Giving:

Contributions to the All Saints CHARITABLE GIVING Fund

NL15 INGB 0007 9234 86 in the name of All Saints Anglican Church Amersfoort

Contributions to the Church Renovation Fund account

Account details for our Church Building account:
All Saints Anglican Church Amersfoort
NL43 INGB 01008 285 15

Or you can use this direct payment link:

Or this QR code:

Giving through GIVT.

It is possible to donate to All Saints through the Giving App, GIVT.

QR (only code) All Saints General Giving

QR (only code) ASA Charitable Giving

The above QR codes can be used with GIVT.

Also within the app and its menu options

Collection 1, goes towards All Saints and our general account.

To give to charitable giving, you need to tap ‘add collection’ which creates a second donation, and that second donation goes towards our monthly charitable giving. The first donation on GIVT always goes to our general giving.

Thank you for giving through GIVT. For some, giving through GIVT may be an easy way to donate towards our work and the wider mission and ministry of the Church.

ANBI information
At our Annual General Meeting (Annual Church Meeting), on Sunday 21st May 2023, our financial accounts of 2022 were accepted and adopted. Also at that same AGM our Budget for 2023 was accepted and adopted. You can find both sets of this financial information below.

For information or questions about ANBI please go to:

All Saints Anglican Church Amersfoort is an independent Anglican chaplaincy within the Diocese of Europe, which is part of the Church of England. Originally it was a new church plant, which was established with assistance from the Anglican Chaplaincy of Holy Trinity Utrecht. Since June 2nd 2019, All Saints has been a separate chaplaincy within the Archdeaconry of North West Europe, within the Diocese of Europe.

Here is a summary of All Saints Anglican Church Accounts for 2022-2023 (accounts for 2022 and the Budget for 2023).


RSIN 860234071                             ALL SAINTS CHURCH – AMERSFOORT

KvK 75313243

RSIN 860234071 Budget Actual Budget
  u/I 31/12 u/I 31/12 u/I 31/12
KvK 75313243 2022 2022 2023
  Euro Euro Euro
Total Giving 134,510.00 160,860.85 160,860.00
Other  3,188.25 330.00
Total Income 134,510.00 164,049.10 161,190.00
Running Costs 115,973.00 132,109.61 143,444.30
Total Expenditure 115,973.00 132,109.61 143,444.30
TOTAL SURPLUS / (DEFICIT) before transferto Building Fund 18,537.00 31,939.49 17,745.70
Initial Transfer to Building Fund (120,000.00) (120,000.00) 
Annual Transfer to Building Fund (25,000.00) (25,000.00) (25,000.00)
Total Transfer to Building Fund (145,000.00) (145,000.00) (25,000.00)
TOTAL SURPLUS / (DEFICIT) after transfer to Building Fund (126,463.00) (113,060.51) (7,254.30)

Below are the same accounts in gallery format if you prefer, in that format, to view them on your mobile device. Double click to bring up an enlarged image.

Word Document of 2022 Accounts and 2023 Budget:

PDF download of 2022 Accounts and 2023 Budget: