Holy Week Devotional

Holy Week Devotional

Holy Week Devotionals.

Each day of Holy Week, starting on Palm Sunday up to and including Holy Saturday, we will be sharing each day a devotional.  Each devotional will be based upon the Book of Lamentations.

So each day a devotional. It will be a single page of A4. It will include a prayer, a recommended hymn or song, and a NT passage to further think about. It will be written by different members of All Saints.

We will record each devotional – so you can choose between a simple podcast to listen to, and a devotional to read each day.

The first devotional, available on Palm Sunday introduces Lamentations. Then each devotion from Monday onwards, will concentrate on the relevant chapter of the Book.

We will share the devotional via the Church Whatsapp Group but also here on this webpage.

We hope these devotionals will be a blessing, will help you enter further into this Week of Weeks, and will help renew you, refresh you, deepen you in the magnitude and wonder of what takes place.

Holy Saturday – Stille Zaterdag – (April 8th)

Devotional – PDF

Podcast / audio of Holy Saturday devotional:

Good Friday (April 7th)

Podcast / audio of Good Friday devotional :

Maundy Thursday (April 6th)

Devotional text (pdf):

Podcast / Audio of Devotional:

Wednesday of Holy Week (April 5th).

Devotional text (pdf):

Podcast / audio of devotional:

Tuesday of Holy Week (April 4th)

Devotional text (pdf)

Podcast / audio of Devotional :

Monday of Holy Week (April 3rd).

Devotional text – pdf :

To listen: audio of the bible reading – Lamentations 1

Audio of Monday’s Devotional :