Holy Week Devotionals 2024

Holy Week Devotionals 2024

Hi. Each day of Holy Week – Monday to Saturday inclusive, we will offer a Devotional.

See below for each day’s devotional.

It will be in two forms.

in a pdf – so it can be read.

in a podcast / audio file – so you can listen to it.

The podcast includes the bible text which is the passage for the day.

Each devotional focuses on a passage within the Anglican Book of Common Prayer lectionary for Holy Week. The Anglican reading list does not set readings which follow the days of Holy Week, but moves in and out of Mark, Luke and John and Matthew.

It includes a suggested prayer you can pray on the day or across the week.

And a suggested hymn or song to listen to.

To give an overview of the week.

Monday – Mark 14, Tuesday – Mark 15:1-39

Wed – Luke 22, Maundy Thursday – Luke 23:1-49

Good Friday – John 19:1-37, Holy Saturday – Matthew 27:57-end

We hope these devotionals will bless you and enrich your journey through this Week of Weeks.

Holy Saturday – Still Saturday Devotional – Matthew 27.

By Anneke Mol

Good Friday Devotional – John 19

by Andrew Tucker.

Maundy Thursday Holy Week Devotional – Luke 23

By Peter Gillies

The Audio:

Peter also recorded the devotional as a video clip…

Wednesday Holy Week Devotional – Luke 22

By Annemieke Mulder

This is the audio for the bible reading:

Here is the audio for the devotional only:

Tuesday Holy Week Devotional – Mark 15

By Cosmas Zimba

Monday Holy Week Devotional – Mark 14

By John Harris.