Life Groups

Life Groups


At All Saints, we encourage our members to be part of a Life Group.

Our Life Groups are small communities – of about 6-8 people – with a facilitator.

They are a place of community, a space to share, to support, to learn from each other. They are a place of discipleship where we focus on a topic for each season – which roughly follows the calendar year (autumn, spring til Easter; post Easter til summer). We want to live increasingly Jesus shaped lives. And Life Groups are place where we pray with and for each other. We will always include time at the end where we can pray.

Autumn / Winter 2022- early 2023Life Groups – Galatians

From autumn 2022 until February 2023, we are currently focusing on the letter of Paul to the Galatians. A letter about the Gospel and how this gospel changes the whole of our lives. Galatians is a letter about justification through faith, and on freedom in Christ.

Tim Keller says of Galatians: ‘’In Galatia, the church faced a choice between two ‘gospels’ – two ways of living, of thinking, of viewing how to be right with God. On the one side, were the teachers who told these young Christians that their performance mattered… On the other side was Paul, the church planting missionary [who] told them that the only thing that mattered was Christ’s – His Life, Death and Resurrection. Faith in Him, Paul argued, was all that anyone needed to be truly acceptable to God.’’

We will explore this dynamite of a letter.

The groups are using materials by Tim Keller on Galatians. 

We are using these resources: Galatians: Gospel Matters – 7 Studies for Individuals or groups (ISBN: 978-1908762566). These resources are available in Dutch as: Galaten gespreksgids.

Keller’s Book is a helpful resource alongside this Study Series:  Galatians for You: For Reading, for Feeding, for Leading (ISBN: 978-1908762344). It is available in Dutch: Galaten: Om te lezen, te leren, te leiden.

Above image from University Baptist Church.

Winter (February) 2023 – to Spring (end of April 2023).

Our next season – our next focus – within our Life Groups, is approaching. We will share more here, when things are ready.

Would you like to join a Life Group?

We encourage all members to be part of a Life Group. Life Groups currently meet mostly in the evenings at someone’s home. One Life Group meets online on an evening, and there is one ‘morning groups’. It is possible to join a Life Group at anytime in the year.

Our Life Group coordinator is

Ninke van der Werk at

Please contact her to know more or to join a Life Group.

What have we covered recently?

Over Lent and after Easter 2022, we focused upon ‘Unanswered Prayer’ using resources from the 24-7 Prayer movement.

At the start of 2022, we considered what is mission in a holistic sense. In particular we considered what is our responsibility to God’s Creation. We used a series of study materials and sessions provided by New Wine Netherlands called ‘Heel Het Leven’.

We encourage you to join a Life Group if you can!