Online Sunday Worship

Online Sunday Worship

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Dear all,

We are very aware of the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is affecting the Netherlands as well as the rest of God’s world.

We have entered a new season of life as a church. Our lives are affected in many ways.  Things are disrupted. Each of us will be reacting in different ways to this. Some of our members will be finding the dislocation, or temporarily no work, or having to work at home, difficult. Some will be finding they have lots more time to do things that they have been meaning or wanting to do. Others are relaxed. Some are concerned.  
So All Saints cancelled its Sunday worship from 15th March. It will be cancelled for the foreseeable future until the Government changes its rules on large gatherings,(ie allowing churches up to 100 to meet). So in a strange way, we are united (!) with Christian believers across the Netherlands, and Anglican worshippers in England and across Europe, with this same experience of not meeting physically publically on a Sunday.

We will, each Sunday, be offering an online act of worship. At present this will be pre-recorded. It will be a full Service of Morning Prayer. It will contain songs, intercessions, scripture, Anglican liturgy and a sermon. The worship lasts approximately an hour. This will be made available on each Sunday morning from 0900 onwards. The service will be viewable on Youtube. The liturgy used will be available on this page so you can pray and worship together.

We invite people to join us at 0930 in worship. So even though not together, we are ‘worshipping together’. However, for some, such as families with small children, it may not be convenient to attend , as the service is entirely in English, and so it may be easier at another time to watch the service. But as it is recorded, it is possible to view and join in the worship at other times in the day or the week.

The relevant links are below.

One is a link to subscribe to the All Saints Youtube Channel. However you do not need to subscribe in order to use the other links and to join in the service.

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Sunday 24th May – Seventh Sunday of Easter (Sunday after Ascension Day)…

Link to Video of Sunday Service, 24th May :

Song lyrics:

We are not able to sync the lyrics with the songs. So the song words will be on one slide as the song is sung. Here are the song files, in case the text on the screen is too small.

Link to Liturgy used in Service (to view, download or print) so you can join in:

Audio Track (only) of our Sunday 24th May Service (free to download) :

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Audio Track of Sunday 24th May Sermon :

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Our songs and lyrics are covered under and used with permission under our Christian Copyright Licensing International and Buma Streaming Licenses.