Our new home

Our new home

As of Sunday 25th February 2024, we plan to Celebrate our Services in our new Church

The address is: Willem van Mechelenstraat 8, Amersfoort

Methods of Arrival


  • Can be parked in the in the Church Garden.

There is FREE PARKING ON SUNDAYS in the following locations (reference to the colored map below):

  • In B2 – Pink – Bekenstein
  • In B3 – Yellow – de Luiaard
  • In B6 – Dark Brown – Bleekerseiland
  • In B8 – Light Brown – Vermeerstraat, Rubensstraat 
  • The light blue is the centre of Amersfoort and NO FREE PARKING at all times
  • Grey area – Albert Cuypstraat – without permit

Note: From Monday until Saturday 9 am – 8.30 pm, the colored areas (B2,3,6 and 8) on this map are for residents with a permit.

The yellow star indicates the location of the All Saints Church building.


  • There is a bus stop nearby. It’s called ‘Hendrik van Viandenstraat’; it takes less than a minute to walk from there to the church. Buses 5, 6, 8, 17, 80 and 102 all stop there.

Willem van Mechelenstraat Building