Henry Miechielsen

Henry Miechielsen

Henry was born in London and is British. His parents then moved to the USA (Chicago) for four years and then to the Netherlands where he spent his school years. He then studied Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding in England at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, where he became a Christian.

While at University he was invited to a talk by a Christian speaker who explained that the Christian faith meant a living relationship with God. For him that was an epiphany! (Believing is seeing!)

In Newcastle he worshiped in a Pentecostal church.

After moving to London, he worshiped at All Souls Langham Place for ten years, where he first met his wife Anne, who is Australian. He was confirmed there and served on the staff for two years as Financial Administrator, after which he moved to the Netherlands, where his parents then lived.

 Henry has been long connected with the Anglican Church in the Netherlands.

He has served as Archdeaconry treasurer, as treasurer and churchwarden at Holy Trinity Utrecht. He now serves as part of the Chaplaincy Council TACA and as treasurer at All Saints.

 While living in London, he studied Accountancy at the City University and worked in the City of London, serving Articles with a firm of Chartered accountants.

In the Netherlands he worked for many years for Royal Dutch Shell and NAM.

Now he enjoys retirement!

Safeguarding Officer
Linda van Suijlichem
Secretary and Synod Rep.
Hiromi Kawamukai