Prayer Course

Prayer Course

Hi everyone.

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After Jesus Ascension. What were the disciples doing? When Jesus had left the disciples, the first time, when he died, in the days afterwards the disciples had had the doors locked out of fear about being discovered by the Jewish religious authorities.

Then the resurrection came. Yet after his Ascension, in Acts 1:10-14, we see how they spent time in prayer. One of the things that came out of that sustained prayer time, I believe, they received insight and wisdom about the new for a new apostle and how to proceed with discerning a possible replacement. They may well have been prayed for the Holy Spirit to come. Perhaps praying for the Great Commission they have been given. Perhaps they used the prayer or the model of prayer Jesus had taught them – the Lord’s Prayer.

As I have said, I – Grant – want to invite All Saints (and those who follow us here) to join us on a journey in prayer. Each day, to use one of the sessions from the Prayer Course, a resource which explores the words and themes of the Lord’s Prayer.

I have been reading the book (‘How to pray: A simple guide for normal people’ by Pete Greig), the course is based upon, and I’ve found it inspiring and refreshing in prayer and basically really good! It will be a book I always recommend to people when asking to how to learn more about Prayer.

Each day via this page, on whatsapp, our facebook, twitter etc, we will share each day’s session. But to follow them at your own pace – follow this weblink:

There are 8 sessions. Each session picks up on a theme or a sentence from the Lord’s Prayer. Each session has – a video (20 mins), some questions (take as long as you like but try 20 mins), and ends with praying about what has been taught and heard. There is also a ‘tool kit’ each session – practical wisdom and resources on topics like ‘how to have a quiet time’, ‘how to lament’, ‘how to fast and pray’, ‘how to have a one day retreat’ and many more.

You can do this alone or with a loved one or as a family, or find a couple of friends and do it together.

It is going to be good.

Let’s do this course, let’s grow further in our lives of prayer…

Session 8: ‘Deliver us from evil’ – Spiritual Warfare

Our final session! 8 out of 8! It focuses on the topic Jesus himself introduces and says, this is a focus for your prayers: ‘deliver us from evil’. Paul when he is teaching and writing to the Christians in Ephesians about discipleship, has taught them about how to live wisely, the importance of the Spirit, what Christian relationships between couples, as parents, as employees and employers looks like. Then he finishes with the Armor of God.

Our final theme in our Journey through the Lord’s Prayer is Spiritual Warfare.

The PDF guide with questions, the prayer tools all can be found here…

Session 7: ‘Give us our daily bread’ – Listening

Haven’t covered this part of the Lord’s Prayer?! Daily bread? The focus is that we have our daily needs, but also we need our spiritual food, (‘man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’, Matthew 4). So, one question is naturally, how do we hear God when he is speaking through the Bible as well as in other ways… ”Prayer is a living conversation with a loving God, which means we must listen as well as talk,” (Pete Greig, How to Pray, p.139).

The pdf resources, prayer tools etc can be found at this link…

Session 6: ‘On earth as it is in heaven’ – Contemplation

PDF resources, prayer tools – for this session – at this link:

Session 5: ‘Your will be done’ – Unanswered Prayer

PDF resources, prayer tools – for this session – at this link:

Session 4: ‘Your Kingdom come’ – Intercession

PDF resources, prayer tools – for this session – at this link:

Session 3: ‘Give us our daily Bread’ – Petition

(In Sessions 4 & 5, ‘Your kingdom come and your will be done’ will be focused upon).

PDF resources, prayer tools – for this session – at this link:

Session 2: ‘Our Father, Hallowed be your name’ – Adoration

PDF resources, prayer tools – for this session – at this link:

Session 1: ‘Lord, Teach us to pray’

PDF resources, discussion questions, prayer tools – for this session – at this link: