Albania, March 4th 2018.

Albania, March 4th 2018.

‘Church planting in Albania’, Third Sunday of Lent, March 4th 2018.

Romans 15:13-24 & Luke 24:44-51.

The talk was by Edi Demo, who is the main coordinator of Illyricum Movement, which seeks to plant new churches in areas where there is previously no church.

We do not have his sermon unfortunately.

But here are the main slides from his presentation…

Edi began by sharing that Illyricum, mentioned in Romans 15, includes modern day Albania – for in the days of Paul, the province lay between the border of modern day Greece all the way to the border of Slovenia.

He shared the stages the country had gone through – how it had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire. Then Communism took over and it destroyed all religious buildings – mosques, churches etc. Albania declared itself an atheistic state in 1967.

So when Communism fell in 1991, the country had a spiritual vacuum.

He went on to share about the particular work of Illyricum Movement which seeks, as Paul shares, to plant in areas with no existing church.

Edi finished by challenging all present to consider how they want to use their lives as followers of Christ – we have only one life to live, how do we want to live it, he asked…

Edi Demo.

Illyricum Movement Website, for more information and items for prayer