Albanian Church Planting – Edi Demo (Feb 9th 2017)

Albanian Church Planting – Edi Demo (Feb 9th 2017)

At All Saints, part of OUT, is having a local and also a global vision. On Thursday 9th February we invited an Albanian church planter Edi Demo – who visiting the Netherlands – to come and share at our Thursday evening Holy Communion.

Edi – know for many years by Andrew Tucker – works for and leads a church planting organisation in Albania, called Illyricum.

Illyricum gets its name from the region mentioned by the apostle Paul in Romans 15:v17-20. The country of Albania, would have, in Paul’s day, have been located in Illyricum.

Illyricum Movement have contacts in the Netherlands and the United States. Revd Grant and Andrew Tucker visited their work last autumn to see more and to visit the three churches which are currently being planted by Illyricum.

Edi shared for around 30 minutes and then people had the opportunity over coffee to talk more with him and to get to know him better.

This year, All Saints is going to build a partnership with Illyricum – through some financial giving and intercessory prayer to assist it in its work.

We, as a church,  would be interested in a visit again to Albania with a small group form church to both contribute as well as get to know these churches better.

We only have the audio file from his visit – it is quite low volume so you will need to turn up your speakers!

Here are three web links to know more:

About the church planting movement that Edi leads:

Illyricum’s facebook site

An article by Andrew Tucker sharing about Edi and his work

Edi Demo, on a visit last summer to Amersfoort. In the photo: Revd Grant, Andrew, Edi, and Bert.